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Handmade Meals from Scratch

Handmade dinners for either delivery or pickup! Dinner time is when families should unwind and reconnect, but busy schedules can make dinner stressful and rushed. Let We All Have Cravings Etc. help you enjoy delicious meals at home without the guilt or expense of eating out.

There are meal services that send you boxes of ingredients (from who knows where) that you need to assemble and cook. Our meals are all prepared for you locally. All you need to do is heat in oven and devour. The perfect dinner solution for busy families, professionals, retirees and people with mobility concerns. Fresh ingredients! Generous portions! Our menu isn't overly fancy or exotic. It's just darn good food made with fresh ingredients. It's the kind of food your mom or grandma used to make - but without the condensed soup. We do our best to work with customers and create items that can be made gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, low-carb and vegetarian. We are often able to accommodate several dietary concerns. 
Meals come fully cooked and frozen. All meals are freezer friendly for 3 months. Thaw and heat in 350 degree oven for 30+ minutes depending on meal – or heat from frozen for 75+ minutes.

Great for busy families, retirees, people with mobility issues, professionals. Makes an amazing gift that is THOUGHTFUL, UNIQUE AND COMPLETELY APPRECIATED! Gifts for people celebrating a new baby/home, coping with illness, injury or loss.
​See what's cooking today!

Order via website, fb or email 24/7

​Whether dining solo or feeding a crowd, we serve every appetite. Meals are available in the following sizes:

Small (1-3 servings) $14+
Large (4-8 servings) $34+
4-pack microwavable singles (Available only on select meals.) $24+ 

Our large meal size is roughly the size of a 9x13" casserole dish. Love leftovers? Consider ordering a size larger to get several meals out of one pan.

** may be additional charge for gf, vegan etc options

Delivery fee applied to orders. Please ask what delivery fee is to your area

​Not home during delivery hours? Not a problem! Leave a cooler with ice packs on your doorstep and we're set.

* no ice packs required in winter :)

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