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Where can you purchase to satisfy your cravings.....

Aside from purchasing directly from us at a market, picking up in Cooks Creek or having your order delivered you can also shop at these fabulous vendors!


Sausage Makers - 630 Nairn Ave Winnipeg ( the 2 big cows) Gluten free perogies in a variety of flavours, perishky, regular and glute free lumpia, borscht, cabbage rolls, gluten free take and bake cinnamon rolls, hamburger cabbage buns

Frig's Natural Meats - 3515 Main St West Saint Paul Gluten Free Perogies in a variety of flavours

Thor's Meats - 401 Main St Selkirk Mb Gluten free potato cheddar perogies, regular lumpias, perishky

Marcello' s Meats - 200 Meadowood Dr St. Vital Winnipeg Gluten Free potato cheddar perogies, gluten free take and bake cinnamon rolls, gluten free lumpias

Timothy's Country Butcher Shop - Dugald MB Regular and gluten free perogies in a variety of flavours, lumpias, stuffed buns, cabbage rolls, perishky, borscht

Pineridge Hollow - 67086 Heatherdale Rd West Pine Ridge - we hand pinch all of their yummy mushroom perogies. You will find them on theTo Share section of their menu.

Want to see one of your local restaurants or stores offering our delicious products? Please let us and them know!

WE ALSO DO FUNDRAISERS!!! Contact for more info!

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